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Project Description

BPMN Studio is  a Software Factory that supports the modeling and integration of business processes based on a subset of the Business Process Management Notation (BPMN). From a single model will be possible to generate the components that integrate and execute the logic of the process modeled to execute on different target platforms. BPMN Studio’s design is based on the use of a graphical Domain Specific Language (DSL) for modeling processes. This DSL has attached with a   transformation process allowing the user to select a generator oriented to integrate the process in a particular software platform. The model transformation is based on a type of workflow called Process. The highly extensibility of the proposed architecture allows the users of BPMN Studio customize its functionality and add new generators. The products generated by the factory should be deployed in the host application, where the process will be integrated, without programming assistance. 

BPMN Studio has been developed using Visualization and Modeling SDK. The result of this project is a new language that it will be installed in Visual Studio 2013.

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